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With the rapid development of science and technology,the arrival of mobile phones has made it easier for people to communicate and gradually become an indispensable part of our lives. The style of mobile phones is also varied,such as Samsung mobile phones,Huawei mobile phones,iphone mobile phones,iphone phones are particularly popular with people,especially its innovative features, such as iphone6,its resolution is 1334 * 750 pixels,Built-in 64-bit architecture Apple A8 processor, performance is very obvious; also with the new M8 coprocessor,designed for health applications;rear 8-megapixel camera,front 1.2 million-pixel photography FaceTime HD high-definition camera And join Touch ID support fingerprint identification,for the first time added NFC function.According to incomplete statistics, iphone6 ​​mobile phone holders account for 22% of the world’s total. I am also one of them. In order to pursue the personalization of mobile phones,it is impossible to change the appearance of mobile phones but people hope that they can start from the mobile phone shell, because the increase of people’s needs.The custom iphone case industry is gradually emerging. Say so much,what on earth the custom iphone case is? How do we go about customizing my own iphone case? Custom iphone case is the embodiment of personalized iphone case,it has a variety of ways, such as iphone wallet,iphone cover.

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With the improvement of people’ s economic level and people’s thinking,the shell of ordinary iphone has been unable to meet the needs of iphone6 holders,because the personalized iphone6 case allows you to pursue a new height to promote you to have better Taste,let us first look at the iphone 6 wallet case. What is iphone6 wallet case? Perhaps we do not know much about the iphone6 wallet. In the past,when we were out, we had to bring not only a mobile phone, but also a special inconvenience to bring a wallet.The iPhone wallet case was designed based on this concept.It can not only protect the mobile phone but also can put money and cards.Effectively convenience iphone users.So I think the custom iphone case can not only meet their own needs,but also highlight their own personality on casetify.

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  • Let’s look at another way to customize iphone case -custom iphone cover.
  • Custom iphone cover refer to regard their family or pet as their own iPhone cover to express their love and thoughts to their lover.
  • As an iphone6 mobile phone holder,I especially want to ,because the iphone 6 uses a 4.7-inch screen,so the will be very small and cute and suitable for young people.In just a few decades of life,we should enjoy and pursue a high quality of life when we were still young.
  • Let’s together to customize our own iphone cover.