Perfect Present for Best Love

  • Jim is a junior student majoring in Art.
  • Next Friday is his girlfriend’s birthday.
  • He is bothering about what gift do his girlfriend want?

He has already sent lipsticks and cosmetics to her,and also have sent bags and clothes to his girlfriends.

So he didn’t know what kind of gift to give in this time? He is thinking about painting a picture for her girlfriend, but he thought this gift is too simple.

photo iphone 6 cover

Just when he had no clue, he remembered that his girlfriend had said that her iphone 6  cellphone case was broken several days ago. And then he know that what gift he can send to his girlfriend–a . When he had made the decision, he began to prepare the presents. Firstly, he drew a picture of her girlfriend. And then he found a shop online where he can . After he finished the picture, he send it to the inline iPhone seller and tell the seller the photo iphone 6 cover of his girlfriend.

Three days later, he received the customized iPhone case that he bought on zazzle. He was very nervous and afraid that the iPhone 6 case would not very good and also worried about the quality of the custom iphone 6 case. But when he opened the package, he was pleasantly surprised. The iPhone 6 case is very beautiful and the quality of the iPhone 6 case is very good. He buy wrapping paper at the boutique and then he repackaged the iPhone case by himself.

On his girlfriend’s birthday, He go on a date with his girlfriend with the gift.

He give the gift to his girlfriend after dinner. His girlfriend opened her birthday present with anticipation. She was disappointed when she found the gift was an iPhone case. But when she turned the iPhone case over, she was pleasantly surprised. Because she saw herself. She is very happy and feel her boyfriend’s love for her. And she immediately put the unique case on her phone. Jim also feel very happy because His girlfriend was very satisfied with the gift —a personalized iPhone case.